Carl Warner

At first glance, these images look like painted landscapes. However, if you look little more carefully you will see that these are not paintings, but it is a juxtaposition of foods.
These pictures were photographed by Carl Warner, a photographer who works in London, and made specialty of these food landscapes ‘foodscapes’.
The process is very time consuming, and so the food quickly wilts under the lights but the end result is very impressive.
I feel in love with these photographs when I realized that it was made by using food.
“I tend to draw a very conventional landscape as I need to fool the viewer into thinking it is a real scene at first glance. It is the realization of what the real ingredients are that brings a smile, and for me that’s the best part.”

Description: Carl Warners Food Landscapes or FoodscapesDescription: Carl Warners Food Landscapes or Foodscapes

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