Martha Rosler

In her performances, videos, textual works, photographs, and installations, Rosler confronts her audiences with political subjects and the role of the media, analyzing quotidian, domestic, and urban life from a feminist viewpoint not altogether devoid of humor. In her series, "Beauty Knows No Pain," or "Body Beautiful" (1965-74), she used techniques of collage to create a sense of unease with the ways in which women are portrayed. She has used this technique continuously, as in her well-known series of photomontages, "Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful," and "Bringing the War Home: In Vietnam" (1967-72).

This piece is commenting on the roles of women in the 1960s. It is boring and tedious to reflect the lives that housewives were expectedto live. A woman's role did not involve thought or further examination of her life. Rosler is throwing this in our faces! It’s so sarcastic and apparent

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