Semiotics is the study of the action of a sign. There are two fundamental aspects of signs, signified over signifier. i.e. A sign in front of a restaurant with the text ‘Open’ is the signifier, while the signified concept is that the store is open for a business.
Visual processing is our primary sense; about 30% of our brain is involved in visual processing.
Semiotics is distinguished between three different sings
Icon, index and symbol
Whether the sign belongs in one category or another is dependent on the nature of the relationship between sign it self, which is Referent ad the actual meaning

Icon: is a sign that stands for an object by resembling it.  E.g., pictures, maps and diagrams.

Index: is referred to their objects, not by any virtual similarities relation but rather via the actual causal relation between the sign and its object. E.g. smoke is an index of a fire

Symbol: Refer to their objects, a representation of a learnt relationship. E.g. the colour red could mean love, hot, danger, stop and more
Letters alone have almost no interjecting meaning but when constructed in particular manner they have the ability to manifest the infinite amount of meanings.

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