Minjae lee

Minjae lee, who is also known as MJ. He is an illustrator from Korea.
His works are really unique and inspiring as a student and illustrator. He always stuck to what he liked. The way he uses colours are unusual, he has always loved colour even though not many people didn’t like the way he uses colour, including his few teachers.
The vivid colour of markers, concept and the art work itself has always inspired me.
He loves using markers because of the vivid colour it produces; also he fins inspiration in human faces, abstract movement and colour.I love how he uses colours and patterns in the images it looks so much different and good. Most of his works are based on the human form and he makes it creative by using patterns and lots of bright colours.

The details, patterns and the way of using the colours makes this illustration stand out.  The composition of the object in the canvas looks just perfect. The dark blue/ light blue complements the bright yellow and orange colour, which makes the face interesting and stands out from the rest of the subject on the canvas.

But this one is bit different from the first image, even though he has used the same art elements. Despite the size and the details, the fingers/ hand is the one which caught my eye when I first saw this illustration because of the vivid block of colours, which makes the images interesting, also the strong dark colour in the face compliments the vivid colours.

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